Sunday, July 17, 2011

Peace Quote of the Day - are Christian Zionists contributing to peace?

God save us from these people [Christian Zionists]. When you see what these people are encouraging Israel and the U.S. Administration to do – that is, ignore the Palestinians, if not worse, if not kick them out, expand the settlements to the greatest extent possible – they are leading us into a scenario of out-and-out disaster.
Yossi Alpher (60 Minutes, “Zion's Christian Soldiers,” Oct. 6, 2002)
quoted in  David Brog, Standing With Israel: Why Christians Support the Jewish State

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Quotidian Life said...

Just wanted to say thanks for your book recommendations, Doug. And, thanks to my new Kindle, I can actually read them! I am about finished with this one and read the Braverman book too. Have your read Shlomo Ben Ami's book: Wounds of War, Scars of Peace (I think that is it, but am not by my Kindle right now.)? Very good. He is a former FM of Israel