Saturday, January 3, 2009

Gaza Invaded

Israeli ground troops have just invaded Gaza.

Israel, according to CNN, has not yet (in the last week of air-strikes) reached its goal of "crippling Hamas."

So they have invaded. Because this will help? Israel (in a grand act of generosity) has dropped leaflets urging Gaza residents to leave immediately.

Would someone please tell me where they are supposed to go? The borders are closed. Israel is invading a prison, with civilians trapped inside.

Hamas' probable status as a terrorist organization DOES NOT justify bludgeoning innocent families into oblivion. If being a terrorist is judged by the act of targeting non-combatants, I'd say Israel pretty much qualifies.

Ironically, my family got the news while watching a West Wing (fifth season) episode about, guess what? Invading Gaza.

This is not a game. This was never a game.


Lynn said...

Hi Folks;

I've been watching this whole Gaza thing on TV for a week now ... and Isreal has really disappointed me on this one. Where is there any justice in bombing the crap out of Gaza, with the borders closed so no one can leave?? Is this a war, or extermination of the Palestinian people?

I'll keep everyone in my prayers, Jews and Arabs alike. After thousands of years, it seems the descendents of Ismeal and Isaac, the two brothers spoken of in the scriptures, have not learned to get along. This is truly tragic.

I'll pray for peace as well, for all.

Lynn in New Orleans

Kamakura said...

it will no hope if israel act like that, even in jerusalem and across of israel have lot of protest from the jew people to avoid this war, however their not have power to stop and also the world. according to some of Israel University 52 percent of israel people want make truce with Hamas and Palestine and 48 percent not agree. On this fact, leader of israel really dont want tolerant with Hamas and Palestine people. I suggest PBB or UN must build their military post on Gaza and West Bank to protect Palestine people from israel military.
I'm really sad to see this war.
Mybe this israel leader is apprentice from the Nazi German??
if you have a heart, please stop this useless war.