Sunday, February 13, 2011

How Do You Forgive When Someone Kills Your Son?

Inspired by Robi Damelin of the Parents Circle
June 17, 2010

how do you forgive when someone kills your son?
when he did it on purpose
is made a hero
has no regret
(in fact, is proud of doing it).

how do you continue working for peace and reconciliation
when someone on the other side (though you work against "us" vs. "them")
strikes a deathblow to your heart.

where do you find the strength
to turn ideas and convictions
into action powerful enough
to enable you to rise from the death grip of sorrow,
to keep going,
to face into the pain and agony,
to learn to speak the killer’s name,
to write him a letter (where he waits in prison).
and when he responds viciously,
rejects your gesture of peace,
attacks you,
to still move forward.

is it an act of god for you to pursue peace,
even if you don’t revere him?
are you living the life of god,
even if you profess not to know him?
what other explanation could there be?

it is not natural
it almost is not human
(unless to be human is to bear the divine image)
to forgive someone who kills your son.

are you able to do it because god did it first?

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AmelMag said...

I like this a lot. Especially those last two stanzas. Thank you for sharing.