Monday, March 7, 2011

Words and thoughts that lead to peace (or not)

" one is born a terrorist. We are all born human beings." (Naim Ateek)

"In the eyes of the Creator there is as much difference between Jews and non-Jews as between non-Jews and animals" (the journal of the French Lubavitch, an ultra-Orthodox Jewish group)

"...the most potent stimulus of aggression and violence...[is] insult and humiliation. In other words, the most effective way, and often the only way, to provoke someone to become violent is to insult him." (Herbert E. Thomas)

"In order to understand the violence around us...we must confront the pain we cause each other" (Herbert E. Thomas)

First you think of someone else (e.g., the Palestinian Arab) as less human than you are; then you treat them as less human, with daily insult and humiliation; then you reap what you have sown, finding yourself in a downward spiral of destruction.

How we view and then treat others is a key element of whether we can find peace with them.

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