Monday, April 4, 2011

Smiling Wide in the Shadow of the Khmer Rouge

I've already posted about my brother, a computer game developer who is traveling the world (Southeast Asia, anyway) creating "notgames" about his experiences.

Calling him a computer game developer is not entirely correct, however.  My brother is an artist -- someone who seeks to creatively interact with the world around him.  Someone constantly searching for meaningful ways to encounter reality, and ways to convey that encounter (that meaning, if you will) with others.

As an artist, he's never been limited to the computer game (or interactive) medium.

Among his many other talents, he is an exceptional writer, and I highly encourage you to read his most recent travel article, Cambodia: Like No Place I've Been.  

I link to it here because it's a powerful exploration of a land torn by conflict, and the ordinary, joy-filled people who live on despite a horrific past and a difficult present.

How is it that the world can simultaneously be filled with such bright beauty and dark violence? 

On a side-note, I first learned about Cambodia through the award-winning young adult novel, Children of the River, which is well worth a read.

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