Monday, February 4, 2008

A Poem about Broken Pottery

This poem makes me smile. The back story is this: I went home (to Amman, Jordan) for Christmas, and brought an Arabic coffee set back for my roommate. It consisted of a coffee pot and four small cups, all made out of Palestinian pottery. Unfortunately, one of the cups met an untimely demise at the hands of a misplaced orange. Which was very sad. But the result is this poem, written by one of my good friends. Enjoy :).

by Megan Buff

the little palestinian
settles in
on the kitchen counter.
tiny blue & white tiles
reflecting life
in all its glory
of fragmented togetherness.

out of place, an orange
atop the cup,
also settling in.
orange from california
arab blue.
complementary colours?

suddenly the orange is
plucked up
for breakfast.
still attached.
the cup, too, flies
union with fruit
and wins at last.

the orange lets go,
the cup
squarely on harsh ground.
it shatters loudly --
blue &
white scattered
to all corners of the room.

beauty is fragmented
& the orange
falls. splits.
orange blood with blue pieces.
mingled in brokenness.

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