Tuesday, February 5, 2008

More Gender, Peace, and Poetry

Just to give you a taste, here are two of my favorite poems from Kohleun's site, Poems From a Small Place.

Daughter, Who is Not Mine

They will try to divide you—body
cleanly from soul—and tell you
where your beauty lies.
No mosaic here,
no puzzle of pieces fit.
One loose shard, a fragment
of your being, will be
lovely and desirable.
They will prize and polish it
‘til it shines from wax and gloss.


Fill in the "h", the "u".
Tack on an "r" here and there.
Of course that's what they meant
to say. Uh huh. I know
how we were all there when
Christ fed the five thousand
(not including women and children).

A star for the wise men,
angels sent to shepherds, pastors
of the fields. Such light
that shown all around
as they proclaimed, "Peace
on earth, good will toward men"
(that explains a lot).

On that night a savior came
for whomsoever believes. The Son
of God, Son of Man.
Humble carpenter of Nazareth,
poor and not handsome--
like a lamb led to the slaughter is silent
(truly a woman's son).


Anonymous said...

Just a comment - I've enjoyed the poetry lately. Thanks.

-Chris C.

AmelMag said...

Thanks. :)
Kohleun's my roommate. She is amazing. We've spent long hours discussing the integration of peace and women studies. Shed a lot of tears. Vented a lot of frustration.
She was recently awarded a Richter's Grant to come home with me this summer, and write peace poetry about Arab women.

Kohleun Seo said...

Weird. "Daughter, Who is not Mine" is missing a line write out of the middle. Or is that just mu computer being dumb?

Amel, you make me blush a little with you bragging.

Kohleun Seo said...

spelling correction *right*. It's very late at night here.

AmelMag said...

I have corrected the mistake. Definitely don't know how that happened. Oh well. At least you're checking. :)